The Longing to go Home:
Shortcut to How to Reveal your Destiny

How does reading this benefit You:

  • You get to relax, knowing that if you truly have a destiny, you fulfill it by using your freedom of choice to be and do whatever you want.
  • The more freedom you feel, the more empowered you become. Freedom offers clarity, personal power and the ability to have any kind of life you want.
  • It enables you to focus on what’s actually important for you and gives you true perseverance and consistency because they come from an infinite source: your own freedom.
  • Considering the Gene Keys, this helps you in the following Spheres from your Hologentic Profile: Evolution, Radiance, Purpose, Purpose in relationships, IQ, EQ, SQ, Core, Vocation, Culture

The Story: The Longing to go Home

“Every story we live, every myth, every movie, every novel, every soap opera, every drama in our lives, its fundamental theme is the longing for happiness, the longing to go home. We are home. Home is inside each one of us.” – Richard Rudd

Can you imagine that each human being longs for going to a destination that’s the same as the starting point?

We were raised to believe we have somewhere to get, to have a destiny.

Is there a link between having the freedom to do what you want or do you have to follow the pre-determined destiny?

If you do have a destiny, do you really have the freedom to do what you want?

And if you really have a destiny, does it matter what you?

And how does this apply to your everyday life?

Remember: you are already home.

The Practical Shortcut: How to Reveal your Destiny

This is a personal story.

Some months ago, I was taking a shower. Though there weren’t much things in my life that I could complain of, I have been consciously focusing on becoming better and better for the past 5 years. I was thinking how can I do more of what makes me happy which is how to find the fastest solutions for helping myself and others and offering them to the world.

In that moment, I found myself having a heavy feeling of emptiness. 

I was feeling without any desire and I didn’t want anything, absolutely anything for my life. It felt like I was in a void, with no feelings other than the shower water running down my body. 

I thought “Oh my God, if I don’t want absolutely anything, what’s the point of living anymore? I could just die right now and I would still feel nothing.” 

Then a question came into my mind (I know now that question came directly from my unconscious mind, who went through beautiful changes since I discovered the Theta Healing technique). 

This questions was simply “What if this is freedom?

The moment after that question appeared in my mind, I relaxed deeply.

That’s the beauty of freedom. Is the feeling that you don’t want anything, you’re not being enthralled by desire and realizing that anything you do may matter for a while but it can also pass. You only have one thing and that is freedom. The freedom to do whatever you want, however you want. And from this freedom comes love and joy.

All that sadness and emptiness evaporated instantly and was replaced by joy, a joy without any reasons, which came just from being alive. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s a totally different thing when you’re actually experiencing this.

I realized you could play any role, be whomever you want to be and do whatever you want. That is all you can do. And it’s liberating as fuck. This joyous freedom is present in everyone, under whatever layers of beliefs and feelings of any kind. 

We just tell ourselves different stories that prevent us from feeling totally free.

How do you reveal your destiny?

You are free to create your own destiny, because in creating your own destiny, you fulfill your destiny. Makes sense?

How do you get more freedom?

The more you assume your responsibility for what happens in your life, the more freedom you give yourself.

Assuming freedom for both what you like and what you don’t is the most powerful step you can take to changing that in the way you want it.

You assume your freedom by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What is the reason I created this in my life, in the first place?
  2. In what way is this still of use to me?
  3. What I am learning about myself in this situation?
  4. As a totally free being, what am I experience am I learning from this situation?

What can you do next?

If something that you found out from this page made you wanted to learn more, get more joy in that specific aspect of your life you’re thinking about or start getting the results you want, you can

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