The Journey Beyond:
Shortcut to How to Help others see You how You want to

How does reading this benefit You:

  • Get another perspective about yourself. You get to see how you perceive yourself through another lens.
  • Increases the responsibility you assume about your life, instead of worrying about what others think of you
  • Helps you realized how honest you are with yourself. Being honest with yourself is a crucial factor in improving your life or stagnating
  • Considering the Gene Keys, this helps you in the following Spheres from your Hologentic Profile: Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance, Purpose, Purpose in relationships, Attraction, IQ, EQ, Vocation, Brand, Pearl

The Story: The Journey Beyond

Every culture and religion had some beliefs about what happens after you finish your time on this earth.

Some think they will be judged by some higher power, some think they’ll end up in a life according to how they behaved in this one, some think this is the only life that matters and there’s nothing else after it.

At some moment in time and space, you too will get there, unless you become immortal 🙂

Whatever happens, there will be a judge. This judge won’t be after you pass on but right before, at the end of your life. This judge will know you intimately and will have the same compassion or harshness as yourself. Why?

Because you will be your own judge.

Being close to death has a funny way of making you letting go of anything unimportant and offers you clarity on what truly matters in your life.

You can get to experience this “judging” even before you are close to your death. It can happen with or without suffering, depending on your own beliefs.

The perfect judge is one who follows the law precisely. In this case the law is your own being, ideals, love and life’s mission.

What’s the difference between a moment like this and any other in your life?

Transparency. Your own law without “interpretations”.

The Practical Shortcut: How to help Others see you how You want to

If at first how others see you may seem like it’s their job, I want you to know that job it’s actually yours.

And it’s definitely not about faking anything so that you can be perceived in a certain way. That’s a defense mechanism that provides little help and it leads you away from having more joy in your life.

It’s first about being honest and authentic with yourself.

The essence of being perceived by others in the way you want is to honestly become that kind of person.

There is a very subtle difference between how you actually want to be as a person and how you might think “it’s right to be” as a person. 

Take into consideration what others told you about how you should be as much as you would take into consideration the weather. Use it but don’t let it stop you from going wherever you want.

You can think about how do you want to be perceived by others just as a benchmark of being honest with yourself. You can use it like asking yourself “If I do *this*, how will others perceive me?”. 

PLEASE NOTE: The answer you give yourself to this question is only what you think about yourself and how you learned to perceive yourself (that can be changed, should you find value in it )

The only way to find how others perceive is to ask them. Take into account also how honest is their answer and if you really need it.

Asking yourself about how you want to be perceived by others can be used in 2 truly healthy ways: to give yourself another perspective on how you actually perceive yourself and to create your marketing strategy.

What can you do next?

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