The 6 lenses of art:
Shortcut to How to express Yourself so that others Understand what you’re telling them

How does reading this benefit You:

(I hope you see what I did here when you finish reading this text)

1- You get to further your understanding on what is the procedure to give solid information to others

2- You get to be awesome and get others to recognize you for your beautiful way of explaining things!

3- This works because you have finally found a way that helps you deal with any kind of people

4- This will help you help others in the ways you are truly interested in and make more friends

5- The results of communicating this way saves you time you would otherwise spend by giving more (irrelevant) information.

6- Adapting your communication will help you to further transform your vision into reality and after doing this it will be easier for you to get the right allies for whatever you want to do.

The Story: The 6 lenses of Art

Art has many forms of being manifested.

I’m not talking about only the classic seven arts, I’m talking about the 6 arts of each human being, because each human being is an artist in at least one thing.

The 1st type are artists whose art is to understand how things work and they excel at creating new things.

The 2nd type of artists concerned only with what they are passionate about and very rejecting of anything else. They reshape what’s already created and add their own flair to it in order to make it appealing to others. They are passionate and respond to other passionate people.

The 3rd type of artists are the ones who are looking at what works for what they want. They are masters of the trial and error process because they hit their head to a lot of ways and things that don’t work.

The 4th type are the people’s artists. Whatever the form of their art, it’s, in fact, a means of connecting with others and influence them. It’s the art of communicating and influencing others, whatever the means happen to be.

The 5th type of artists are the ones that focus on the usefulness of art. Whatever art they create, it has to be useful for others and impact them. People that brought their business to an art form can be found here.

The 6th type are the ones that create art that serves a higher vision. Educational and inspiring art, visionary artists and sometimes, maybe, they feel like they’re ahead of their time. It’s possible to see these artists gaining the recognition they deserve later than others but, when they do, they change the whole foundation of their domain.

The Practical Shortcut: How to express Yourself so that others Understand what you’re telling them

This is how you can tailor your way of communicating to get others to understand you.

People look for certain details when looking to understand something.

You can use this to know how to adapt your speech and the way you convey information to get yourself understood more easily.

There are 6 ways so the possibilities of intuitively getting them right are very high. People also express themselves using these modalities, so just by listening to them, you can easily recognize their preferred way.

The six kind of details that help others understand what you’re telling them:

  1. Structure and how it works

            This is related to the ones that are looking for having a solid understanding of how anything works. Adapt your information in a form of procedures. You can even use a step-by-step format.

  1. Passion or not

            There are people who would be interested in only the things that are passionate about and say “no” to everything else. You get them to listen to you by explaining passionately what you want and also by using non-verbal language or even images with a powerful message.

  1. This works because…

            Explain them why and how what you’re telling them and compare it with other ways that you know of and don’t work. They are interested in minimizing the failure risk, so the more you tell them the reasons why what you’re saying works, the more interested they’ll be.

  1. Helping them to connect more easily with others

            These kind of people are more interested in connecting with others than the actual object of their activity. They may or may not be aware of this. If you observe these kind of people, talk with them in a gentle and firm way and focus your message on the benefits of what you’re saying that helps them influence or connect with others.

  1. Practical, practical, practical

            People like this will be interested in any other details after you convince them of the results they can get by applying what you’re telling them. They are interested in both practical results for themselves and also how they can increase their own impact in the world, so focusing on these 2 perspectives when communicating with them is all you need to get them to listen to you.

  1. What’s the vision and what’s next?

            The easiest way to tell this kind of people what you want is by answering this question: “What is the grander scheme of things and where this will get them if they do what you tell them to do?” It’s about adapting your message to the “whys”, the reasons behind what you’re telling them and what will happen next if they do listen to you.

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