The 1 thing that makes a hero start his/ her journey:
Shortcut to How to change yourself and others

How does reading this benefit You:

  • Instead of waiting and being frustrated that you don’t get what you want from others, you actually focus on what you can do to get what you want.
  • This can be also applied to yourself. If you are not doing what you thinks it’s best for you, you haven’t found the right leverage (a positive and constructive leverage always works. A negative one will work on short term but you’ll be back where you started from after a while).
  • If you don’t focus on improving yourself and your life, you will get random shocks (events in your life) with the purpose of steering you in the best direction for yourself. The start with a small impact and little to no pain and, if they’re ignored, they increase in magnitude and pain.
  • Considering the Gene Keys, this helps you in the following Spheres from your Hologentic Profile: Life’s Work, Purpose in relationships, Vocation, Culture, Brand

The Story: The 1 thing that makes a hero start his/ her journey

In every story, whether you know it or not, there is the same element that actually ignites the story.

It’s that plot twist in the beginning that sets all the circumstances for the story to unfold. Whatever magic is in the story, this plot twist is the real magic.

The magic of the plot twist is simple: it either takes from the main character exactly what keeps him in the mediocre circumstances or it gives a reward so desired that nothing can stand in the way of reaching it. This is the real reason why our hero starts his or her quest.

The main character uses involuntarily the same magic with the ones he meets on his journey, offering them the help they most desperately need in order to further his quest. Pay attention to how you can use this plot twist, for it can save both your life and other’s.

The Practical Shortcut: How to change yourself and others

Take into consideration 2 things here:

  1. People change either by shock or by deliberate practice.
  2. You can get anyone to change when you have leverage. The true leverage is what they consider to be leverage, not what you consider to be their leverage.

The same applies to you too (and me and everybody!).

The easiest way to help others make a change and/ or do something different is find a win-win situation for both you and the other(s).

To find out what’s the leverage that you can use for someone you have to talk to that person and to understand what’s important for him/her. Keep in mind that it may even be something that’s not important for you or something that didn’t even cross your mind.

If you can find a way to give that person that’s important for him/her and also wants it, that’s your leverage.

Finding out this leverage means you can help yourself in obtaining what you want from that person in exchange for what the other person wants.

How do you know you found the right leverage? 

The exchange happens and you get what you want from that person.

I’m not talking about emotional or any kind of blackmail. It works best when is a win-win situation (sometimes a different kind of victory for each person involved). This requires communication, dialogue and understanding.

If you think something like this isn’t natural, think about yourself: would you rather do something different just because you are asked by someone else or would you be more inclined to do it if you also get something that matters for you?

The leverage can be anything: from doing a service in return for getting what you want, to helping that person actually realize the benefits of doing what you tell them or even to actually respect your own boundaries and sticking to what you decided to do if your boundaries are crossed.

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