Prices and Logistics

If you feel like you want to take your life to the next level, that is time to move on from what you don’t like in your life or you want to get those results you always wanted, I’m honored to assist you in your journey.

We can work together through 1-on-1 sessions so that you can receive personalized guidance for the results and the joy you want to have in your life.

How can we start working together?

Tell me what you’re interested in working on and send me your time zone and dates and times when it would be best for you.

After that we can set in order all the details like a time that works best for both of us and the preferred way of meeting.

Contact me on or on Facebook.

Here are the details for the available options you can choose from to create the Shift and the Results You want in your life:

Session Type Time per session Price
The OctaShift Individual Session
aprox.* 90 minutes
89 euro
Theta Healing® Session
aprox.* 90 minutes
89 euro
Gene Keys Guidance Session
aprox.* 90 minutes
89 euro
Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile Reading
90 to 120 minutes
143 euro

* The duration of each session may vary depending on the topic and circumstances. There is an estimated time for you to know what to expect and how much time to schedule. Respecting your time and schedule as well as mine is important to me.

Payment via Paypal available. If you prefer a different payment method, we can set it with the rest of the details before the sessions.


All the sessions can be done online, via video-call trough Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

For in person sessions, I am located in Bucharest, Romania.

For other travelling arrangements, contact me.

For your consideration:

I heartily wish you all the best and (probably) see you soon!

What can you do next?

Contact me to ask about anything you want about working together and to schedule our meeting(s).