Gene Keys Readings

First of all, here are my Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile and Human Design Chart. Nice to meet you!

The Gene Keys are a teaching developed by Richard Rudd. They encompass a beautiful mix of genetics, personal  development, myths, astrology, the I Ching and archetypes of this world.

You can find out more about them on the official Gene Keys website here.

The Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile is your personalized map in which you can learn about your main Gifts, challenges and archetypes that influence and generate your way of being and they help you be truly authentic and unconver your inner radiance and true self.

You can generate your free Hologenetic profile here.

The main areas of life in which the Gene Keys help you are the ones that correspond to the 3 Sequences from the Golden Path and your Hologenetic Profile.

The Activation (Purpose) Sequence – finding out about your own inborn Genius and your purpose

The Venus (Partnership) Sequence – improving your relationships with others and loving yourself

The Pearl (Prosperity) Sequence – unlocking true prosperity in your life

For more information look for the Golden Path Courses on the Gene Keys website.

To have everything you need to learn about the Gene Keys on your own, you need to have:

  • Your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile, which helps you identify what are the active Gene Keys in your life
  • The Gene Keys book, where you find the description of all the 64 Gene Keys
  • The Golden Path Courses, in which you will find information about how to study the Gene Keys, as well as information about the Spheres in your Hologenetic profile and their corresponding  lines and about the 3 Sequences (Activation (Purpose), Venus (Partnership), Pearl (Prosperity)
You can find out more about them on the official Gene Keys website here.

What CAN you get from a Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile reading?

Your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile is:

  • an amazing blueprint for you to see and understand the main archetypes and energies
  • one of the best ways to help yourself to be your own best version and love yourself unconditionally

Understand and learn WHY and HOW you're different

  • You will know more about your way of being the way you are and also how to improve on that. Also, keep in mind that your archetypes and the way they manifest were there from the moment you were born and will be there as long as you are with your current physical body​
  • Get clear on how to profit on what makes you unique
  • Understand why not everybody sees things the way you do

Demystify your interaction with others

  • Understand why and how you feel the way you feel in certain interactions, whether it’s regarding your own life or in relating to others
  • Realize how you interact with others, the way in which your perception works and why and how some people in your life see things totally different than you
  • You learn if and how you are open to be influenced by your interaction with others and get clarity on the effect you have on those around you

Know where and how to look for the answers you need in your life

  • Helps you choose what you want to be/do/have in your life and what you don’t
  • You get to be able to ask yourself specific questions to make sure you take the best decisions for yourself in whatever you do (whether it’s your personal or professional life)
  • Depending on what aspect in your life you’re looking to improve, you will certainly have “aha-moments” when you understand the mechanics of your patterns and how you can use them in a constructive way, without creating additional unpleasant experiences for yourself or others

Gain increased clarity of how the Gene Keys apply in your life

  • Get a general overview of what and how your Hologenetic profile can help you in a tangible way to overcome your challenges
  • Get clarity in how different elements of your profile come together and impact your life in both destructive and constructive ways
  • See clearly how specific lines, spheres and/or Gene Keys from your Profile impact your life in a practical way

What you CAN'T get only from a Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile reading?

…and it requires something else…

  • A fully detailed description of a certain Gene Key. Reading about your Gene Keys in your Profile is an experience that cannot be replaced by anything. Simply reading that Gene Key once can be extremely relevant.
  • Create a significant change in your life without taking action. Sometimes just understanding a pattern can be enough to help you shift your whole perspective and behavior. Other times just understanding something won’t give you also a solution. And in both situations, not taking a different action in applying what you’ve learned won’t get you anywhere.
  • You won’t get answers like what specific career type you should be, what kind of relationships you should have and what is best for you in your life. It will give you a lot of help, but, in the end, that is for you to decide. Why? Because you have free will and the freedom to do it. The Gene Keys help you know how to use your inborn Genius in the circumstances and relationships of your own choice.

How does a Gene Keys profile reading happen?

  • It can be done online through a video-call on Skype, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp or in person, depending on where you’re located (I’m based in Bucharest, Romania).
  • It usually takes around 1.5 to 2 hours maximum.
  • You send me your date, time and location of birth
  • We set a time and day that works best for both of us
  • We meet each other live (online or in person) and you get the personalized information about your Hologentic Profile in a dialogue, where you can ask questions for gaining more details or specific aspects of your life and how you can improve what you're interested in.
  • Most people usually ask me after the reading about more guidance. See here for more details.
  • If you want to have a Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile reading contact me by using the buttons below.