The Shortcut Series

How to use this  Shortcut Series?

From my experience of working with different kinds of people, I found that there are certain shortcuts you can take to actually make tangible improvements in your life.

You can see these steps as magic formulas, because, at a certain level, they are. I’m not talking about fantasy magic, I’m talking about the magic you already have done and you even use it sometimes.

Adapting Einstein’s quote,

“You have two choices: to see your life as nothing is magic or that everything is magic”.

There are 2 parts of every step. The Story and the Shortcut.

The Story

Every story in this series was carefully crafted for your unconscious mind to get the message before you even become aware of it. I want to let you know you’re perfectly safe because your unconscious mind only takes in what’s best for you.

These stories are like the ancient text that describe the magic spells. They imbue your perception so that you improve yourself both consciously and unconsciously at the same time.

So you might feel like you’re very familiar with what you’re reading, even have the thoughts around something like “oh, I already know this”. This can happen because the message is already in your unconscious mind.

The Shortcut

Each shortcut is designed to show you in a practical way how you can improve a specific aspect of your life. You can apply these shortcuts however you want.

Also, you might know that focusing on improving a specific area in your life can easily trigger improvements in other parts of your life. I definitely encourage you to read and apply what you got here.

I invite you to remember this:

It’s not only about knowing and understanding this information. Learning new knowledge and understanding some things might be different than the certain path to having new results.

The certain path of having new results is  Your Choice. Your choice to change your behavior to match what you understood and learned will bring valuable improvements in your life.

So the point is to APPLY what you know by choosing to behave in alignment with what you know.

I heartily recommend you to read this series with a pen and paper in front of you or a text editor on your screen. Writing your insights and the answers to the questions you find are the best benchmark to get the clarity you need to take action.

The longing to go home: Shortcut to How to reveal Your Destiny

How does reading this benefit You:
– You get to relax, knowing that if you truly have a destiny, you fulfill it by using your freedom of choice to be and do whatever you want.
– The more freedom you feel, the more empowered you become. Freedom offers clarity, personal power and the ability to have any kind of life you want.
– It enables you to focus on what’s actually important for you and gives you true perseverance and consistency because they come from an infinite source: your own freedom.

The 1 thing that makes a hero start his journey: Shortcut to How to change yourself and others

How does reading this benefit you:
– Instead of waiting and being frustrated that you don’t get what you want from others, you actually focus on what you can do to get what you want.
– This can be also applied to yourself. If you are not doing what you thinks it’s best for you, you haven’t found the right leverage (a positive and constructive leverage always works. A negative one will work on short term but you’ll be back where you started from after a while).
– If you don’t focus on improving yourself and your life, you will get random shocks (events in your life) with the purpose of steering you in the best direction for yourself. The start with a small impact and little to no pain and, if they’re ignored, they increase in magnitude and pain.

The 6 lenses of art: Shortcut to How to express Yourself so that others Understand what you’re telling them

How does reading this benefit You:
1- You get to further your understanding on what is the procedure to give solid information to others
2- You get to be awesome and get others to recognize you for your beautiful way of explaining things!
3- This works because you have finally found a way that helps you deal with any kind of people
4- This will help you help others in the ways you are truly interested in and make more friends
5- The results of communicating this way saves you time you would otherwise spend by giving more (irrelevant) information.
6- Adapting your communication will help you to further transform your vision into reality and after doing this it will be easier for you to get the right allies for whatever you want to do.

The Elegant way of ordering a burger: Shortcut to How to make yourself listened to by others

How does reading this benefit You:
– You eliminate resistance either by being listened to or by focusing on something else without wasting your time
– You’re helping others improve by offering them solutions because it doesn’t help telling someone what they’re doing wrong without telling them what to do instead
– You practice focusing on solutions instead of problems both for yourself and others.

The Journey Beyond: Shortcut to How to Help others see You how You want to

How does reading this benefits you:
– Get another perspective about yourself. You get to see how you perceive yourself through another lens.
– Increases the responsibility you assume about your life, instead of worrying about what others think of you
– Helps you realized how honest you are with yourself. Being honest with yourself is a crucial factor in improving your life or stagnating

The sculptor’s true mastery: Shortcut to How to transform your Vision into Action Steps

How does reading this benefit you:
– Where attention goes, energy follows. You get what you focus on. This is how you keep your focus on having what you want.
– Having a clear vision helps you to get support from others. People are inspired by the vision one has and they are more likely to tag along or get out of the way.
– Tony Robbins said it best: “If you don’t grow, you die”. You were made to thrive and to become better and