Imagine a world where the norm for self-empowered people is heartfelt service for others and progress in a fulfilled life

The OctaShift is creating ways for people like you to be a part of that world.

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The OctaShift was born as a way to help you have authentic joy in your life, for people like you to be happy.

The OctaShift was born as a way to help you have authentic joy in your life, for people like you to be happy.

While looking to better understand what the things that make people happy are, I found one common element (courtesy of Tony Robbins): progress.

So, simply put, the only thing you need to constantly be happy in your life is to make progress.

Of course, that progress has to be in something that’s important for each person and, for it to happen, you also need to know how to make it.

The first thing you need to do in order to make progress in your life is to decide what you want to have in your life.

To help yourself choose what you want, knowing yourself helps. I found ways to practically use the Gene Keys and part of the Human Design System as ways to figure out anything that lacks from knowing yourself and these ways can be included in the individual sessions The OctaShift offers.

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So, it's empowering to know yourself in order to make progress and be happy.

One definite aspect that bring joy in our lives are our relationships.

There is always a way to improve your relationships in a healthy way and that way isn’t conditioned of what you’ve experienced so far.

Loving yourself, others and living without suffering is the next logical step in being happy (or, to be more precise, having authentic joy on a daily basis).

Because our work takes an important part in our lives, it makes sense to clearly define what you want in this aspect of your life. Even more important, why you want it. The major help you can get here is from Simon Sinek’s book, “Finding your own Why”.

I definitely recommend “Finding your own Why” to anyone who’s interested in finding a powerful benchmark when it comes to why you do the work you do and what exactly will keep you engaged in your work. 

Though your type and kind of work may change, your why doesn’t, so you’ll always have a benchmark of what is the right work for you.

My own why is

“To offer relief and understanding so that, together, we live in more authentic joy each day”

Finding your "why" is your own guiding light in your professional activities.

Most people, at some point in their lives, become interested also in contributing to more than themselves. This usually comes in a form of management position you want to be in, freelancer, coach, therapist or investor.

Of course, the true purpose of a business is to serve more than itself. To get clear on what you need to define this purpose, I recommend Simon Sinek’s book “The Infinite Game”. With the help of this book, I found my just cause, which is something bigger than myself.

“To live in world where the norm for self-empowered people is heartfelt service for others and progress in a fulfilled life”.

This is the cause The OctaShift serves and it offers individual sessions for you to make progress in your life because this is how it serves best in the present moment.

For me, most of this wouldn't have been possible without
the Theta Healing Technique®

I have an immense feeling of gratitude for the Theta Healing Technique, which provided me a way to empower myself and help others (like you!) to empower themselves in having what they want.

The Theta Healing technique works with our subconscious beliefs. And our subconscious beliefs are the element that create our entire life. 

Our life is the sum of our beliefs. The more constructive your beliefs are, the more you progress in your life. This includes but is not limited to taking action, living the love you want and having the lifestyle you want.


The Theta Healing technique is the instrument
that helps you make the transformations you need in order to get what you want.

This is why I use the Theta Healing technique in most of the sessions because it’s the fastest way to help you get what you want.

While by taking The OctaShift individual sessions will get you into experiencing the beauty and miracle that is the Theta Healing technique, I also recommend you learning it for yourself:

If you speak Romanian, I whole heartedly recommend you to attend the classes of Isabela Georgescu which is an outstanding Theta Healing instructor. I’m honored to have been in her classes.

If you’re not a Romanian language speaker, there are Theta Healing classes all around the world, which you can find on the official Theta Healing website. I urge you to follow your heart/ feeling when it comes to picking a class. It will lead you where it’s good for you.

If you want to stop living in pain or making any change in your life, I’m your guide.

If you want to empower yourself, I'm your guide.

If you want to live a life worth living, I'm your guide.

If you want to actually be happy, I'm your guide.

Deeply grateful to be in your service.
Your guide,
Octavian Bolocan.
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