Online Individual Sessions for Making
Progress in Your Life

Unblock. Relieve. Move forward with joy

Get clarity in what you want

Remove subconscious blocks

Enjoy getting what you wanted

I am here for you because:

I understand how it feels to stagnate.

  • I didn't have the opportunity to get this kind of healing and guidance when I needed it the most at the click of a button, so I created one to help people like you to live a joyful life without the pain of stagnation.

The OctaShift sessions are for you if:

  • You somehow feel with no direction even considering you've worked on improving yourself.
  • You know life should be about authentic love and joy despite all the experiences you've had.
  • You want to start making progress in your life again and feel good about it while you're doing it.

Also, by giving yourself The OctaShift sessions, you have the possibility to become a beacon of

A world where the norm for self-empowered people is
heartfelt service for others
progress in a fulfilled life

Who you're talking with?

"To offer relief and understanding so that, together, we live in more authentic joy each day"

Octavian Bolocan

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Become aware that you have the possibility to stop stagnation in your life and move forward

Step 2

Know that asking for guidance is, in fact, self-empowering

Step 3

Decide to give yourself some love by scheduling your session

Step 4

Pick a date and time that fits you

Step 5

Feel alive and live like what you always wanted is the "new normal" at the same time

Stagnation is not the enemy, but it can lead to:

  • The same things happening again and again in all your relationships, even if you wished it were different
  • Increased difficulty in feeling loved again
  • Slow material and spiritual evolution while suffering
  • Not feeling like life is worth living

The thing is, stagnation used to help you in some ways.

The patterns that keep you from progressing now were useful in your past.

It’s just that you evolved and you can keep evolving with ease and feel alive and joyful at the same time.

When You schedule your individual sessions, You can:

  • Stop repeating the same patterns in your relationships and make room for more love in your life
  • Feel alive more easily, because you know what makes you truly feel alive.
  • Evolve without suffering – because it is possible to evolve and learn the same lessons without suffering.
  • Be empowered without feeling arrongant and blocked by fear

Did You know that you can
choose guidance
to empower yourself
eliminate pain and stagnation from your life?

Where are You going to take yourself to with The OctaShift individual sessions?

  • Create more love and joy for yourself and others
  • Be crystal-clear about where your professional life is headed
  • Empower yourself to make progress in your life and still feel alive at the same time
  • Be prepared for the moment you have everything you want in your life and still feel like there is more to live for